Your cloud storage, your choice

With CloudFiles, you have instant access to as much data storage as you need, when you need it. We take the security of your data as seriously as you do, and have a number of measures in place to protect it. We also ensure you have fast access to your data when you’re ready to retrieve it.

10GB Free Storage

When you sign up with CloudFiles we give you a 10GB voucher, which will be active for the lifetime of your account. You can use this voucher to set up a 10GB storage bucket for free, or get a discount on any other size storage bucket you want. So there really is no reason not to try out CloudFiles!

Enterprise level redundancy and security.

Secure physical infrastructure, managed firewalls and physical redundancy of single servers in our data centres are standard features of our services. So is our guarantee of 99.9% availability. If you want to duplicate data in two separate data centres, we can make this happen (but at an additional fee).

Our CloudFiles service is based on the world's leading file-system (ZFS), and all our storage nodes are deployed using small RAIDZ2 pools - ensuring data durability >99.99%.

Easy to set up and use - and NO software lock-in!

We've taken great care to make CloudFiles as easy to use as possible, without compromising on security features.

So you can choose what file sync, backup or cloud storage application software you're comfortable with - as long as it supports SFTP and rsync, you're good to go.

Secure by default

All the security features you would expect from a enterprise-grade Unix environment - data-in-transit is encrypted, and you can choose whether you want to encrypt the data that you've stored inside your CloudFiles buckets (data encryption needs to be supported by the software that you use to access CloudFiles).

Obviously, your storage buckets are protected using either passwords or SSH keys (and we make sure you don't choose your dog's name as a password - unless its name is bZMh4m2FI8To...)

As much cost effective cloud storage as you need

With data storage packages ranging from 10 GB to 2 000 GB (2 TB), you’ll have enough space for your big data storage or file backup needs. If you need more than that, chat to us and we’ll make a plan.

We’re proud to offer data storage at such excellent rates. We don’t lock you into our service, either. You’re free to choose whichever storage option suits you best, and pay only for what you use. No hectic contracts or minimum terms. Just choose the package you want, complete our simple order process and start using your storage bucket.

We ONLY charge for storage that you've ordered - no bandwidth or usage charges.

Available when you need it

Instant provisioning means you can set up your storage facility in just 5 minutes. You can scale up (or back) just as quickly as you need to, so you never have to worry about having too little or too much storage.

Long term usage discounts

Have a look at our pricing structures for even better discounts on our already amazing prices. Get discounts when you buy a six month or one year packages.

Start using CloudFiles now!


All the security goodness you would expect from a Unix environment. SFTP and SCP support, and public/private key encryption available as standard on all storage buckets.

Rsync compatible, ideal for backups

Use the well-known rsync utility to seamlessly and securely backup your files to CloudFiles. Rsync is an open-source application that is supported on Windows, Linux, MacOS and a variety of other operating systems.

Multi-user access

Set up unlimited individual user credentials for each storage. Credentials for users are synced across all your storage buckets for simplified administration setup and maintenance.

Complete control

Set up password based security for ease of use, or use ssh public key authentication for the security conscious, or use both to suite your needs.

24/7 support from a great team

With any service you buy from CloudAfrica, you get excellent, 24/7 support from an experienced team who genuinely want to help. When we say experienced, we mean it: we were here before the Internet. We’ve gone from working in rooms full of modems to having just a few servers in our Jo'burg office, but our focus and ethos haven’t changed: we want to enable great business in Africa by providing easy, affordable access to world‐class IT services. (We’re just as keen to help businesses from around the world, too!) And we do more than just keep those services running. We’re here to give you support, advice, ideas ... whatever you need to make our solutions work better for you.


Monthly rate Effective rate/GB/Month 6 Monthly rate Effective rate/GB/Month Annual rate Effective rate/GB/Month
10 GB Free
50 GB R27.50 R0.55 R148.50 R0.50 R264.00 R0.44
100 GB R50.00 R0.50 R270.00 R0.45 R480.00 R0.40
250 GB R112.50 R0.45 R607.50 R0.41 R1080.00 R0.36
500 GB R200.00 R0.40 R1080.00 R0.36 R1920.00 R0.32
1000 GB R350.00 R0.35 R1890.00 R0.32 R3360.00 R0.28
2000 GB R600.00 R0.30 R3240.00 R0.27 R5760.00 R0.24
Larger storage buckets - contact CloudAfrica for pricing

All packages are paid in advance of the period for which they are purchased.