Monthly rate Effective rate/GB/Month 6 Monthly rate Effective rate/GB/Month Annual rate Effective rate/GB/Month
10 GB Free
50 GB R27.50 R0.55 R148.50 R0.50 R264.00 R0.44
100 GB R50.00 R0.50 R270.00 R0.45 R480.00 R0.40
250 GB R112.50 R0.45 R607.50 R0.41 R1080.00 R0.36
500 GB R200.00 R0.40 R1080.00 R0.36 R1920.00 R0.32
1000 GB R350.00 R0.35 R1890.00 R0.32 R3360.00 R0.28
2000 GB R600.00 R0.30 R3240.00 R0.27 R5760.00 R0.24
Larger storage buckets - contact CloudAfrica for pricing

All packages are paid in advance of the period for which they are purchased.